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About Us

Having accumulated more than 25 years of experience in the evolving VDI landscape, we have closely witnessed its continuous growth and evolution to its current state.

Nevertheless, we firmly believe that there are untapped possibilities for elevating its capabilities, empowering administrators with unparalleled control over user access privileges.

Our software offers comprehensive user restriction, confining them exclusively to a single web browser or application.

By effectively blocking all shortcuts and file system access within the Windows™ OS, our solution empowers administrators with complete dominion over their devices or VDI environments.

Solutions for VDI Access & Kiosk

Our software solutions prioritize security and optimization when establishing connections to virtual desktops or specific websites. Our solutions employ a user interface lockdown approach, effectively preventing any unintended access to undesired areas of the operating system. This streamlined interface ensures a seamless and secure connection to the virtual digital workplace.

Enhanced Productivity and Security

With essential functionalities readily available, our software solutions provide all the necessary tools and features to deliver precisely what is needed to enhance the user experience within the virtual environment. Any unnecessary elements or distractions remain hidden, enabling users to stay focused and productive within their digital workspace. 

Keep your operating system

By continuing to utilize the Windows operating system, you ensure flexibility for the future by retaining the option to switch back to a full desktop OS when needed.

This approach also guarantees access to the latest drivers and VDI clients, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. In contrast, migrating to a Linux conversion would introduce additional complexities and consume more time, requiring the implementation of a new management system.

Solutions tailored to you

In addition to prioritizing security and optimization, we provide extensive customization options that align with your corporate identity.

We understand the significance of maintaining a consistent branding experience throughout your digital workplace.


Unlock powerful features for free with our standard editions, or opt for more comprehensive tools starting at just £21 per device.