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XWP Software Box - 23.12-1

Workplace Portal

Streamline user access to a tile-based app and secure web browser.

Workplace Portal can be deployed in combined web and app environments, supporting multiple connections for accessing virtualized desktops or local applications.

Our flagship offering combines the Pro features from our Secure Web Solo and Secure App Portal products.

Optimize the Windows™ desktop for VDI utilization, elevating security, increasing efficiency, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Enhanced security

Ensure comprehensive security by streamlining user access to a single-click tile-based workplace, that offers a built-in secure web browser. Achieved through replacing the Windows™ desktop and the proactive blocking of access to the underlying operating system.

Effortless management

Seamlessly configure up to four VDI connections or applications, each supporting automatic launch. Our integrated solution stands alone, granting the freedom to preserve the current operating system and management software.

Unparalleled flexibility

Experience a modern, tile-based desktop view with unmatched flexibility. Customize the user interface according to branding requirements, from splash screens and logos to menu colours, wallpapers, and icons, creating a workspace that reflects your unique identity.

Key features

Configure and manage up to four VDI connections or applications, complemented by an integrated secure browser, seamlessly presented within a user-friendly tile-based desktop view.

Access to essential functions and settings on the top menu bar, including launching the workplace, volume control, date and time, initiating restart and shutdown, and a helpdesk button to guide users in contacting their company's helpdesk.

Full customization the user interface, including personalization of the splash screen, logo, menu colour, wallpaper, and icons, for a tailored and familiar user experience.

Elevated administrative privileges for swift and efficient maintenance tasks, and benefit from XyberCare support and maintenance options for robust system support.

Workplace Portal

Starting at £26 per device*

Key features
  • Tile-based desktop
  • Up to four VDI/Web/App connections
  • Support for auto launch
  • Volume control and restart/shutdown
  • Built-in secure web browser
  • Extensive custom branding
  • Helpdesk menu option
  • Direct elevated access
  • XyberCare support and maintenance**

* Billed on a per-device basis, with starting prices listed on our product pages. However, the overall total cost is determined by the size of your deployment. Our software purchases operate under a perpetual licensing model, requiring an initial payment for the license, granting you the enduring right to use the software without any time restrictions.
** For continuous support and maintenance beyond the first year, a nominal recurring annual fee is applicable.

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