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Who are Xyberis?

We are a UK-based company specializing in software sales to a worldwide customer base. With over 25 years of expertise in the dynamic VDI landscape, we firmly believe in the existence of untapped opportunities to enhance its capabilities.

What solutions do you offer?

Xyberis provides a range of solutions aimed at enhancing the security of the Windows Operating System while boosting user productivity.

Our focus is on simplifying complexities and delivering streamlined portals and web interfaces that are easy to manage for IT and user-friendly for end users.

We offer three distinct product offerings: Secure Web Solo, Secure App Portal, and Workplace Portal. All solutions offer a powerful platform that provides a secure and controlled work environment.

How much are the paid Workplace Portal versions?

The cost to your organization depends on your deployment size, so we kindly ask that you check out our product pages to see the starting price, and submit a request for a quote.

What is included in a paid license?

Xyberis software operates under a perpetual licensing model, which entails an upfront payment for the license, granting you the perpetual right to use the software without any time limitations.

For ongoing support and maintenance after 1 year, there is a small recurring annual fee.

Are prices for Workplace Portal charged per device

Yes, our Workplace Portal is charged per device. The starting prices can be found on our product pages, but the overall total cost is based on your deployment size.

Is there a free version of Workplace Portal?

The standard editions of Secure Web Solo and Secure App Portal are readily accessible as free downloads, providing essential functionality for secure web browsing and application management.

For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, our Workplace Portal offers an array of enhanced features such as advanced customization, support for multiple apps or websites, and a more feature-rich solution for your digital workspace needs.

Workplace Portal is our flagship product, combining the Pro features of both Secure Web Solo and Secure App Portal. As a result, there is no free version offered.

How can I get started with Xyberis solutions?

To get started with our software solutions, we have a number of options.

You can download the standard version of Secure Web Solo or Secure App Portal for free, which allows you to use fully functional demo software to experience and evaluate the solution of your choice firsthand.

If you have any questions, our support experts can guide you through the implementation process and provide any necessary assistance to ensure a successful deployment.

Alternatively you can request a quote from our sales team for the Workplace Portal.

What are the key features of Secure Web Solo?
  • Secure Browser
    Limiting user access gives ultimate security and IT control
  • Blocks user shortcut key combinations
    Users cannot use keyboard shortcuts to deviate
  • Blocks user access to address bar
    Users can't use address bar to exit pre-defined website
  • Blocks user context menu
    Secure Web Solo restricts access to the context menu (right mouse click) in order to prevent browsing outside the designated web page.
  • Single instance
    Prevents multiple instances of the same tabs or windows instances from being opened
  • Tools to create a kiosk user
    Tools are provided to create a kiosk user for Secure Web Solo.
  • Kiosk Plus mode
    Option to give users extra feature while still preventing application closure, e.g. audio adjustment toggle
  • Custom splash screen, logo and top menu colour (PRO)
    Remove Xyberis branding and add your own
  • Direct elevated access (PRO)
    Separate application that performs various administrative tasks.
  • Support for up to three different websites (PRO)
    Up to three different URLs can be assigned to the top menu to offer easy switching.
  • Helpdesk information (PRO)
    The Helpdesk button provides the steps for obtaining support assistance
  • Access to support and maintenance options (PRO)
    Optional service agreements for system information, support and maintenance.
What are the key features of Secure VDI Portal?
  • Single app and web kiosk mode
    Allows users to focus exclusively on a virtual desktop session or specific application.
  • Modern top menu bar
    Quick access to various functions and settings, such as launching the workplace, volume control, restart & shutdown.
  • Single VDI Connection
    Supports a single VDI connection, automating the login process and ensuring a dedicated workspace for users.
  • Customizable wallpaper
    Choose your own custom wallpaper
  • Volume Slider
    Allows users to control audio output levels within their VDI session
  • Restart and shutdown buttons
    Users can initiate these actions directly within Secure App Portal
  • Date and time
    Prior to logging in to the virtual desktop or specific application, Secure App Portal conveniently displays the date and time in the top menu
  • Up to three VDI connections (PRO)
    Three VDI connections simultaneously, enabling concurrent execution of multiple VMware View and/or Microsoft virtual desktops.
  • Custom splash screen, logo & top menu (PRO)
    Remove Xyberis branding and add your own
  • Direct elevated access (PRO)
    Separate application that performs various administrative tasks.
  • Helpdesk info on top menu (PRO)
    Allows IT administrators to provide users with accurate instructions on how to contact the helpdesk for assistance
  • Integrated Secure Browser (PRO)
    Limiting user access gives ultimate security and IT control
  • Support and maintenance options (PRO)
    Optional service agreements for system information, support and maintenance.
What are the key features of Workplace Portal?
  • Tile-based desktop
    Modern tile based desktop view
  • Up to four VDI connections
    Configure up to four VDI connections or applications
  • Support for auto launch
    Each VDI connection/application supports autolaunch
  • Direct elevated access
    Direct admin access for quick maintenance
  • Volume control and restart/shutdown
    Convenient access to volume and system control on a modern top menu
  • Secure browser with Kiosk Plus mode
    Integrated secure browser for accessing websites.
  • Custom branding
    Option to completely customize the user interface: splash, logo, menu colour, wallpaper & icons
  • Helpdesk menu option
    Additional button for helpdesk information
  • Support and maintenance options
    Availability of support and maintenance options
What are the differences between the different versions?

Each product version offers unique features and capabilities.

Secure Web Solo:

  • Designed for website access, like VDI, (online) exams and Digital Signage
  • Allows IT admins to set the website and launch mode using startup arguments
  • Ideal for Citrix Storefront environments or web based training/exams
  • Enables a single connection to a website

Secure VDI Portal:

  • Streamlined for Web and VDI client applications such as Citrix, Vmware View Client and Microsoft RDP client
  • Supports launching VDI clients with startup arguments
  • Allows a single connection to a VDI environment

Workplace Portal:

  • Offers a combination of features from Secure Web Solo and Secure App Portal
  • Provides flexibility to switch between web and app modes through the configuration file
  • Can be deployed in combined web and app environments
  • Supports a single connection to a website or launching a VDI client for accessing virtualized desktops
The choice of product depends on your specific environment and requirements. For more detailed information, we recommend referring to our comparison matrix or reaching out to our Support Team for further guidance.

Please note that the information provided here is for illustrative purposes, and we encourage you to explore our product documentation or contact our Support Team for comprehensive details and assistance.
How does the single app kiosk mode work?

Our solutions can and should be used in a single app kiosk mode, replacing the Windows Explorer Shell.

In this mode, users are directed towards a highly secure environment, whether it's a VDI environment (web or app) or an internet/intranet website. This ensures a controlled user experience and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

We offer a range of tools to facilitate this mode, including CreateKioskUser and LockUser. These tools apply various restrictions to the Windows environment, ensuring a secure and controlled setup.

Additionally, our LockUser.exe tool enables automatic login for the Kiosk User and grants exclusive access to our secure application, further enhancing the security and streamlined experience within the kiosk environment. 

Is training available?

Yes, training resources and documentation are available to assist users in effectively utilizing the Xyberis software.

Organizations can access user guides, tutorials, and support materials to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

What sets your solutions apart from Linux thin client conversion software like Igel UDC or Stratodesk NoTouch OS?

Unlike Linux thin client conversion software, we do not convert the entire Windows operating system or provide separate management software.

Our approach is to seamlessly integrate with your existing Windows environment, leveraging the management software you are already familiar with and have invested time in.

This allows you to capitalize on the extensive features and device and peripheral compatibility offered by the Windows operating system.

Furthermore, our solutions enable you to utilize the VDI client applications provided by virtualization software vendors such as Citrix and VMware, ensuring fastest time to market and compatibility and flexibility in your virtualized environment.

What is XyberCare support and maintenance?

XyberCare is our support and maintenance option, which is included with all software purchases for the first year.

For continuous support and maintenance beyond the first year, a nominal recurring annual fee is applicable.

Does Xyberis offer Thin Client conversion?

Xyberis does not offer Thin Client conversion services. However, we are a crucial consideration for your conversion journey.

Thin Client conversion typically involves changing the operating system to integrate with third-party management software. It's important to note that all Xyberis software products are independent solutions.

We provide an efficient portal that allows controlled access to designated applications while ensuring users cannot access the local Windows operating system. This creates an isolated environment solely for accessing VDI applications.

Our primary focus is on optimizing existing management software and techniques, without introducing new software or making extensive operating system changes or conversions. Our software is designed to simplify IT management, leverage existing tools, and deliver an enhanced portal for end-users.

What benefits do the solutions offer to organizations?

Our solutions offers numerous benefits to organizations, including heightened security, enhanced control over user activities, streamlined access to VDI environments, and a secure browsing experience.

They simplify IT management, reduce risks, and create a productive and secure work environment.

How do the solutions enhance security?

Our software solutions enhance security through various measures.

It offers a secure web browser where shortcut keys such as Ctrl + S and Ctrl + J are disabled, preventing accidental data leaks.

Additionally, URLs are managed outside the web browser and no address bar is available, allowing IT administrators to control and dictate authorized websites, reducing the risk of accessing malicious content.

Moreover, when launching the application in Single App Kiosk mode, users are provided with no means to escape to the local operating system.

As a result, VDI client connections, such as VMware View and Microsoft RDP, operate in a secure and isolated mode, ensuring an enhanced level of protection and preventing unauthorized access to the underlying system. 

Are your solutions suitable for online exams?

Yes, Secure Web Solo and  Virtual Workplace Portal are excellent for online exams.

The secure web browser restricts users from navigating away from the designated URL, maintaining the integrity of the exam environment and preventing unauthorized access or distractions.

If the need arises to add a URL via the command line using remote management software, Secure Web Solo is the more suitable choice to fulfill this requirement.

How can IT administrators enforce browsing policies?

IT administrators have full control over the browsing policies of Secure Web Solo and Workplace Portal.

They dictate the authorized URL(s) by making changes to the configuration file, ensuring that users access only approved websites. These changes can be made locally on the device with elevated privileges or centrally using widely supported Windows management software.

Additionally, the secure web browser disables shortcut keys, context menu (right mouse click), new instances and offers no address bar, further enforcing browsing restrictions. 

Can the solutions be customized to meet specific organizational requirements?

Yes, all solutions can be customized to align with specific organizational requirements.

IT administrators have control over the configuration, allowing them to tailor the platform to their organization's needs. In addition, we provide extensive customization options tailored to meet the unique requirements of organizations.

Through collaborative efforts, we offer the opportunity to co-create a portal and/or web browser that is specifically designed to align with your individual preferences and demands, including your branding guidelines.

Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and working closely with you to deliver a personalized solution that fulfills your expectations. 

What are the key industries for your solutions?

There are many use cases within a number of industries where our software can be used to provide secure and controlled access to websites and applications.

However we have identified many key use cases for Education, Healthcare and Call Centres.

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