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Browser and virtual workplace security management

Optimized portals and web interfaces to simplify IT management, transitioning users from a complex Windows™ desktop to a streamlined portal.

The Xyberis product portfolio offers comprehensive user regulation, facilitating exclusive access to a single web browser or application.

Our solutions offer a unified application that serves as a replacement Windows™ desktop, granting effortless access to websites or VDI environments.

This empowers administrators with unparalleled control over individual desktop devices or groups, allowing them to selectively grant access to designated environments.

IT Benefits

Enhanced security

Ultimate peace of mind, limiting user access to a single portal, with no avenues to access external devices, local disks, or VDI environments.

Optimized management

Centralized control over devices using integrated software tools to create and lock a kiosk user, allowing admins to remotely manage devices and override settings as required.

OS retention

A standalone, seamlessly integrated solution, giving organizations the freedom to retain the existing operating system and management software.

End User Benefits

Uninterrupted workflow

Any unnecessary elements or distractions are removed, enabling users to stay focused and productive within their digital workspace.

Easy accessibility

Straightforward access to IT-defined browsers or applications ensures that employees can navigate their tasks seamlessly and without any ambiguity

Familiar interface

A familiar and intuitive Windows interface, with customization options to provide a consistent branding experience across the digital workspace.

With over 25 years of expertise in the evolving VDI landscape, we have closely observed its consistent growth and development up to its present state.

We are passionate about providing IT with easily manageable solutions, and our software allows organizations to continue utilizing their existing Windows operating system rather forcing a Linux conversion.

Our standard editions are available for free and unlimited use, while our Pro versions offer a feature-rich solution on a cost-per-device basis.

Explore Products

Secure Web Solo

Limit user access to designated web browsers. Free download available*

Users log into the Secure Web Solo browser and access pre-configured and externally-managed websites. They are provided with no further access to the address bar, tabs, escapes, keyboard shortcuts or the system control panel.

Secure VDI Portal

Simplify user access to a designated VDI Desktop. Free download available*

Users work exclusively within the pre-defined VDI connection or application, which is configured and managed remotely by the IT administrator from outside the portal. They are provided with no further access to the Windows™ Desktop. 

Workplace Portal

Streamline access to a tile-based app and secure web browser.

Workplace Portal offers ultimate flexibility with central management. It can be deployed in combined web and app environments and supports multiple connections for accessing virtualized desktops or local applications.

*Secure Web Solo and Secure App Portal are free to use in their standard editions.
Pro versions are billed on a per-device basis, with starting prices listed on our product pages. However, the overall total cost is determined by the size of your deployment. Our software purchases operate under a perpetual licensing model, requiring an initial payment for the license, granting you the enduring right to use the software without any time restrictions.
For continuous support and maintenance beyond the first year, a nominal recurring annual fee is applicable.

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