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Our standard software for Secure Web Solo and Secure App Portal are complimentary to use, for life.

Free lifetime usage of Standard software.

Experience the full power of our standard software at no cost, with unlimited usage. The standard editions of Secure Web Solo and Secure App Portal offer essential features at no charge, with no time limit and no requirement to make a purchase.


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Go Pro for a more feature-rich solution

Pro versions provide a more feature-rich solution. Workplace Portal combines the Pro features from both products, so there is no complimentary edition available.


Key Benefits

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Enhanced Endpoint Security

Total control over the browsing experience, limiting access to a single portal, and blocking external devices, local disks, and VDI environments.

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Optimized Management

Centralized device control through integrated tools, while preserving your current operating system and management software.

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Streamlined User Experience

Hidden distractions ensure uninterrupted, focused productivity in the digital workspace